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Tax Calendar

Property Tax Calendar and Important Due Dates for the states in which we offer tax appeal services:

Alabama :

  • Property tax bills are due beginning October 1st in Alabama, however, the bills are mailed as a courtesy only; taxpayers are responsible whether or not tax bills are received by October 1st.
  • The taxpayer has 90 days after property tax bills are sent out to pay their taxes.
  • Taxes are due by January 1st.
  • For more specific Alabama information please click here.

Georgia :

  • October 20th is the date that property tax bills are mailed in most counties in Georgia.
  • The taxpayer has 60 days after property tax bills are sent out to pay their taxes.
  • For most counties taxes are due by December 20 but this may vary from county to county.
  • For more specific Georgia county by county information please click here.

North Carolina :

  • January 1st is the date that property taxes are due in most counties in North Carolina.
  • For more specific North Carolina information please click here

South Carolina :

  • Coming Soon

Tennessee :

  • Coming Soon

*please note this information has been largely obtained from the respective states' general or department of revenue websites and is placed here as a courtesy only to our site visitors.

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