To leverage our best in class expertise and bring about the best results - lower tax bills - each time we appeal a property assessment, to maximize our clients savings and positively impact their bottom line.


Q.) How can I reduce my Taxes?

A.)You, the tax payer, are afforded the right to appeal your tax assessment. Time to appeal your assessment is within 45 days from the Date of Notice of Assessment. Counties in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama can and should contest their valuation as soon as they have Income Statements for previous year available.

Q.) If I appeal and if the assessment is reduced, does this mean that it would affect the Market Value when I sell my property?

A.) No, the assessed value has nothing to do with the Market Value and Selling Price. Assessed value established by the county is solely for tax purpose. Your selling price is determined by what a prudent buyer would be willing to pay and the seller is willing to sell.

Q.) What is your fee structure?

A.) Unlike many other property tax appeal companies, who charge initial filing and processing fee (generally $199 for commercial appeal and $99 for residential appeal) for their Tax Appeal Specialist to review your tax records, perform an analysis of the value of your property and file an appeal on your behalf, we do not charge such fees. Our process does not cost any up-front fees – period. The only fee we receive is for a successful appeal and it is 30% of your tax savings for year one only. We use current data to do the best job possible assessing your property.

Q.) My assessed value has risen sharply and as a result, my taxes. Would I have a successful appeal?

A.) Property tax appeals are based on value, uniformity and taxability. We will research your case and if deemed appropriate, will appeal. Any increase in your assessment does not guarantee any grounds for an appeal.

Q.) What if you determine the value is not high enough to warrant an appeal?

A.) On occasions, our research may determine that the assessed value of your property is fair or less than the value established by the County. In such a case, we would recommend that we do not file an appeal.

Q.) How long does this process take?

A.) It depends on the county and the number of appeals they receive. Most counties appeals are settled in the same tax year as the assessment notice.

Q.) Does the county hold my appealing against me?

A.) No. It is your right afforded to you to appeal your tax assessment. The mass appraisal system that the counties use is imperfect. They are only right some of the time.

Q.) Why should I use your company?

A.) There is no up-front cost to you. No reduction - No fees. Period. We can also provide references upon request. We believe, we are the only company working totally on a 'contingency basis' only.


"I have used Atlanta-based Property Tax LLC (PT America), a proactive Property Tax reduction company to reduce the Real Estate Tax bill for several of the hotels that we manage in Georgia and Florida. Raj and his team have delivered positive results every time. They are customer service focused and quick and timely in their communications. I strongly recommend anyone looking to reduce your hotels tax liability, lower your fixed cost, improve your hotels cash flow to give Raj and his team a try. You will be glad you did."

David Price, SVP Operations
Marshalls Hotels & Resorts
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